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Water cycle in a zip lock bag

Things you will need:

Just grab a zip lock bag, a black sharpie some water and some blue paint or you can even use Neel or Ujala . Everything you need is in your home!

Steps to follow

Carefully add a few drops of blue paint or food coloring (or Neel or Ujala)  in one-fourth cup of water and mx it. Next grab that zip lock bag and the black sharpie. Use that sharpie to draw the sun and clouds on the zip lock bag, don’t forget to draw it along the seal. Wait for your artwork to dry a little and then pour your blue water inside carefully run your hand along the seam of the zip lock bag several times to secure it. Voila! Your water cycle in a zip lock bag is ready.

P.S- You can even use the sharpie to draw the whole process. How? The water from the pond or water body below will evaporate due to the heat from the sun. As that vapor cooled, it began changing back into liquid {condensed} just like a cloud. And when enough water condensed, the air couldn’t hold it anymore and the water fell down in the form of precipitation.



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