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Energy Conservation & Transformation

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“Energy can neither be Created nor be Destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another” is the Law of Conservation of Energy.

We have learnt it theoretically but practically we don’t analyze it on day to day basis. The geyser in our homes is an example of a device converting Electrical Energy to Heat Energy which eventually heats the water. We can have Solar Geyser which converts the Solar Energy received from Sun into Electrical Energy & then Electrical to Heat Energy. In place of a geyser a light bulb can be used or any other electrical device can be powered. We will cover few cases here where we will heat the water or light the bulb or CFL by

1. Converting the Mechanical Energy of falling water into Electrical Energy.
2. Converting the Mechanical Energy of steam into Electrical Energy
3. Converting Solar Energy to Electrical Energy
4. Converting Chemical Energy to Mechanical Energy and then to Electrical Energy

Enjoy the Video & the lessons & share the knowledge with others.

To download & play the simulation/game click on the below link

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We thank Phet for creating this awesome simulation.

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